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For over 8 years we have been a trusted source for state-of-the-art energy efficient products for Industrial, Scientific and Automation applications. Products include Monitoring & Control Instrumentation, Sensors, Alarm Panels, Wireless Remote Controls & Sensors, Solar Power Systems for Sensors, Controls,Instrumentation, SCADA Systems, Pumps and Telemetry Equipment.

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Industrial Controls
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Featured Products

Industrial Wireless 4-20mA Tranamitter Series: XTR-WRC420

Wireless 4-20mA Transmitter / Receiver Set


Wireless Switch Transmitter / Relay Receiver  Series: WXL-ME

Remote Control Switch Transmitter / Relay Receiver

Industrial Power Supply  Series: DRWC-24

 Wireless Remote Control  Transmitter/Receiver Set

Solar Power Combiner box
Industrial Wireless Thermocouple Transmitters Model: XTR-SN24-TC

Wireless Thermocouple Transmitters

Wireless Level Transmitter  Model: WLV7389-24-SB

 Wireless Level  Transmitter/Receiver Set

Solar Power Combiner box
Wireless Level Transmitter  Model: WLV7389-24-PA

 Wireless Level  Transmitter/Receiver Set


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