Solar Power Calculator

 How do i calculate the amount of solar power i need?
Use the calculator below to help select the correct Solar Power System with a 12 Vdc regulated output to power the equipment in your application.

What Size Solar Power System Will I Need?

Load in Watts (Volts x Amps): 

Hours of Operation Per Day:

Your location, or nearest city with similar weather: 

Battery Reserve Time Desired (Hrs): 

72 - 120 Hrs of Battery Reserve Time is recomended.

Average Power Consumption: Watts (W)
Daily Power Consumption: Kilowatt Hours (kWh)
Average Hours of Peak Sun:
Min Size Solar Panel Required: Watts (W)
Min Battery Capacity Required: 12V Amp Hours (Ah)*

*Includes 50% battery derating for low temperature and system misc losses.