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 Wireless Remote Control System

Long Distance Wireless Control System
with Up To 16 Independent Control Lines

Wireless Remote Control System Series: WCS-27A


    Wireless Bridge Between Transmitter & Control Panel

    Activates With Dry-contact Switch, Controller or PLC

    Up To 10 Mile (LOS) Transmit/Receive Distance

    Use To Control Pumps, Valves, Motors or Lighting

    Available with 1, 2, 4, 8, 12 or 16 control lines

    Transmitter Can Be Hardwired, Battery or Solar Powered

    Pre-wired, Ready To Install and Operate

    License Free Point-to-point Radio Operation


    Pump, Valve & Motor Control

    Irrigation Systems

    Lighting Applications

    Remote Door & Gate Control


Series WCS-27A Long Distance Wireless Transmitter/Control Panel System provides a wireless bridge between any type dry-contact switch, PLC or Controller and an electro-mechanical relay. When a switch connected to the transmitting unit opens or closes signals are sent via a license free radio signal to a receiver unit up to 10 mile (Line-of-site) away. When the relay control panel receives the proper wireless signal from the transmitter a power contactor inside the panel is energized to operate a pump, valve or motor. The Pump Control Panel features power and contactor fusing, latching or non-latching control. Models are available with 1, 2, 4, 8, 12 or 16 control lines.

Typical Wireless Remote Control Application

General Specifications
Radio Frequency: 27.255 MHz
Transmit Power: 10 Watts
Transmit Time: 500 msec
Wiring Connection: Din-rail Terminal Blocks
Operating Temperature: -10 to 130 F (-23 to 54 C)

Transmitter Models
Model Number Description
WCS-27A-TRAN-1 Wireless Transmitter - 1 Control Line
WCS-27A-TRAN-2 Wireless Transmitter - 2 Control Lines
WCS-27A-TRAN-4 Wireless Transmitter - 4 Control Lines

Receiver Models
Model Number Description
WCS-27A-REC-10A-1 Wireless Reciever - 1 Control Line, 10 Amp Control Relay
WCS-27A-REC-10A-2 Wireless Reciever - 2 Control Lines, 10 Amp Control Relays
WCS-27A-REC-10A-4 Wireless Reciever - 4 Control Lines, 10 Amp Control Relays
WCS-27A-REC-10A-8 Wireless Reciever - 8 Control Lines, 10 Amp Control Relays
WCS-27A-REC-10A-12 Wireless Reciever - 12 Control Lines, 10 Amp Control Relays
WCS-27A-REC-10A-16 Wireless Reciever - 16 Control Lines, 10 Amp Control Relays

 Note: Continued product improvements make specifications subject to change without notice.

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