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 Universal Alarm Box


Universal Alarm Box Off-grid Solar Power System

Series: SPS-12VDC


     5 and 10 Watt Solar Panel Models

     Provides Regulated 12 Vdc Output

     Low Power, Economical System Design

     Weatherproof NEMA Rated Enclosure

     Preassembled, Prewired, Ready-To-Install



  • Wireless Sensors
  • Radio Transmitters, Receivers
  • Process Controls, Instrumentation
  • LED Lighting, Pool & Spa Controls
  • SCADA & Telemetry
  • Pond Aeration Systems
  • Security Systems
  • Surveillance Equipment
  • Irrigation System
  • Water Pumping, Valves

Models include a weatherproof, vented non-metallic enclosure with a gasketed hinged door and closure buckles. Each model includes all the required system components to get you up and running right out of the box. Just mount and connect the included solar panel, Install and connect your equipment, flip the internal circuit breaker and you done.

How to Select the Correct Solar Power System for Your Application

Solar Zone Map 1. Identify the zone your system will be installed from the map on the right.

2. Use the formula below to determine the amp hours per day your equipment requires. This is done by multiplying the operating current by the number of hours per day your equipment will be required to operate.

3. Based on the zone the solar power system will be installed and the amp hour per day requirement, use the chart below to identify a corresponding "Output Capacity" letter.

4. Use the model number charts below to locate the correct "Output Capacity"
letter and select your model number.

(Equipment Current Draw +10%) X (Equipment Run Time in Hours = Load-amp Hrs/day
0.07 + 0.007 = 0.077 (Amps) X 12 (Hrs) = 0.924 Load-amp Hrs/day

Based on this example you would pick:
Letter "A05" for Zone 5, or "B1" for Zones 3 or 4

Load-amp Hrs/day 0.5 1
Zone 1 - -
Zone 2 - -
Zone 3 B1 B1
Zone 4 A05 B1
Zone 5 A05 A05
General Specifications
Enclosure: Fiberglass, NEMA 4 (IP66)
Solar Panel Voltage: 18 Vdc
Operating Temperature: -40 to 140 F (-40 to 60 C)
Enclosure Dimensions: 12 X 8 x 6.4" (304 x 203 x 162mm)
Installation: Side of Pole, Roof or Wall Mounted
Regulated System Output Voltage: 12 Vdc
Battery Life: 4 Years*

Standard Models
Model Number Output Capacity
Letter Code
Solar Panel Battery Reserve
SPS-12VDC-5W-7 A05 5 W 7 Ah 52 hrs
SPS-12VDC-5W-12 A05 5 W 12 Ah 90 hrs
SPS-12VDC-5W-18 A05 5 W 18 Ah 135 hrs
SPS-12VDC-10W-7 B1 10 W 7 Ah 35 hrs
SPS-12VDC-10W-12 B1 10 W 12 Ah 60 hrs
SPS-12VDC-10W-18 B1 10 W 18 Ah 90 hrs
SPS-12VDC-10W-26 B1 10 W 26 Ah 130 hrs
 * Battery life is dependent on system load, depth of charge cycle and ambient temperature.

  System includes: Solar Panel. Charge Controller, Circuit Breaker, Battery, NEMA Enclosure,   Fuse, Mounting Kit, Earth Grounding Kit and Installation Guide.
  off grid solar power system

  off grid solar power system for SCADA & Telemetry